"[Brave Spirits has a] kick-ass mission."
-- David Seigel, DCMTA


Performing in the DC Metropolitan area since 2011, Brave Spirits Theatre is dedicated to plays from the era of verse and violence which contrast the baseness of humanity with the elegance of poetry. By staging dark, visceral, intimate productions of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, we strive to tear down the perception of these plays as proper and intellectual and instead use them to explore the boundaries of acceptable human behavior. Our four values are text, actor, women, and audience. To read more about how these values inform our work, check out our about page.

Brave Spirits Theatre is dedicated to not only Shakespeare, but to the other playwrights writing in the same era. We believe in exploring the theatrical power of forgotten works and sharing these rarely produced gems with our audience. Our 2014-15 season included two works fully staged for the first time in DC: Shakespeare and Fletcher's The Two Noble Kinsmen and Arden of Faversham, author(s) unknown. This summer, at the Capital Fringe Festival, we produced Middleton and Dekker's The Bloody Banquet, unperformed professionally since the 1600's.

"Washington is blessed to have young, creative,
multi-talented emerging companies like Brave Spirits here."
--Andrew White, MD Theatre Guide


Nov 12 The Washington Post visits Henri IV

"With apologies to Falstaff, the better part of valor is not always discretion. You have to be glad that Brave Spirits Theatre has flung caution to the wind and staged an almost entirely re-gendered two-part Shakespeare history saga." ... read more ...

Nov 8 PART TWO: 3.5 stars from Theatre Bloom

"Dynamic and poignant, Brave Spirits covers every aspect of the actor’s craft, with deep insights into Shakespeare, gender, and art." ... read more ...

Nov 8 PART TWO: 5 stars from DC Metro Theatre Arts

"After seeing Part 1 last week, I did not think that the acting performances could be surpassed. After seeing Part 2 tonight, it would seem that I spoke too soon. Everyone proved last week that they could leave the audience laughing. Tonight, they proved that they could run the entire spectrum from humor to tears." ... read more ...

Nov 4 PART ONE: 3 stars from DC Theatre Scene

"Sarah Anne Sillars rocks as Hal hiding ferocity in puckish charm, and she has a strong voice for her songs, matching her strong acting skills. ... There are nice fights from Megan Behm, a strong lead, and moments (especially in the cabaret numbers) that gave me chills. All of that amounted to a fresh take on a classic play, and one worth seeing." ... read more ...

Nov 1 PART ONE: 5 stars from DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Every actor stands out in their various roles, no matter how big or small. However, there are two actresses whose breakout moments throughout the show left me in chills. Manente as Hotspur is a vision in leather who perfectly embodies the role of the hotblooded rebel. From the cadence of her voice to every physical choice she makes, she comes away with the show in the palm of her hand. Jill Tighe as Peto does not say much, but her Act I Finale of “One Tin Soldier” is achingly and stunningly belted as both sides of the rebellion lie in wait for the coming conflict." ... read more ...

Oct 31PART ONE: 4.5 Stars from Theatre Bloom

"Brave Spirits reconsiders Shakespeare’s Henry IV from a woman’s point of view. That’s how Henry becomes Henri, played with power and gravitas by Annette Mooney Wasno. Wasno’s Henri is not just a woman in a man’s role. She rebuilds the role from the ground up: not a female Henry, but Henriette, Queen of England. Her dialogue is Shakespeare’s text (with a few pronouns and other gendered terms swapped out), but Brave Spirits asks what these lines and these scenarios mean in a woman’s voice. The result is a fresh look at every line of the play." ... read more ...