"[Brave Spirits has a] kick-ass mission."
-- David Seigel, DCMTA


Performing in the DC Metropolitan area since 2011, Brave Spirits Theatre is dedicated to plays from the era of verse and violence which contrast the baseness of humanity with the elegance of poetry. By staging dark, visceral, intimate productions of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, we strive to tear down the perception of these plays as proper and intellectual and instead use them to explore the boundaries of acceptable human behavior. Our four values are text, actor, women, and audience. To read more about how these values inform our work, check out our about page.

Brave Spirits Theatre is dedicated to not only Shakespeare, but to the other playwrights writing in the same era. We believe in exploring the theatrical power of forgotten works and sharing these rarely produced gems with our audience. Our 2014-15 season included two works fully staged for the first time in DC: Shakespeare and Fletcher's The Two Noble Kinsmen and Arden of Faversham, author(s) unknown. This summer, at the Capital Fringe Festival, we'll be producing Middleton and Dekker's The Bloody Banquet, unperformed professionally since the 1600's.

"Washington is blessed to have young, creative,
multi-talented emerging companies like Brave Spirits here."
--Andrew White, MD Theatre Guide


July 24 The Bloody Banquet EXTENDED!

Due to popular demand, we will be remounting The Bloody Banquet for one weekend, August 20-22nd. Here's another chance for you to see the production that audiences called stellar," "gloriously violent," "Sexy & disturbing & funny & gross," and "one of the best Fringe shows I've ever seen." Tickets are $20. You can receive a $5 discount at the door by wearing your 2015 Capital Fringe button.

July 17 "Pass the Salt," says The Washington Post

We've had an enormous outpouring of postive responses from audience members and critics alike. Celia Wren gave us a lovely write-up in the Washington Post: "For nearly four centuries, the theater world has been overlooking a crowd-pleaser, to judge by Brave Spirits Theatre’s diverting take on the revenge tragedy The Bloody Banquet.” Brett Ableman on DCTheatreScene gives the production 4 stars: "I'm glad we have Brave Spirits Theatre to interpret and serve up this centuries-old cannibalistic romp for our oh-so-refined modern sensibilities." Finally Emily Gilson of DC Metro Theatre Arts rates the production 4.5 stars.

July 16 Banquet Blog Roundup

Production Dramaturg Claire Kimball has been dishing out fascinating tidbits about The Bloody Banquet on our blog. Her three latest posts are about early modern food and how eating habits made their way onto the stage, the special effects employed by the early modern theatre and how these show up in The Bloody Banquet, and all the many theatrical tropes from the era that show up in the play, but in unexpected ways.

June 28 Help us Feed the Actors

Help support the first professional production of The Bloody Banquet in the modern era by donating at our Indiegogo campaign. You'll help up pay our actors who, during the course of the play, find themselves betrayed, cheated on, usurped, chased, poisoned, shot, stabbed, quartered, and eaten.