Presenting Kick-Ass Classics and New World Premieres from the Era of Verse and Violence

Brave Spirits Theatre is dedicated to producing plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, especially forgotten works or rarely produced gems, from the era of verse and violence. BST productions, which contrast the elegance of poetry with the basest elements of humanity, work to tear down the perception of these plays as proper and intellectual and instead use them to explore the boundaries of acceptable human behavior.

Washington is blessed to have young, creative, multi-talented emerging companies like Brave Spirits here.

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From the Bible and Oedipus Rex to Game of Thrones and Taboo, incestuous relationships have appeared throughout human history, literature,…

Brave Spirits Theatre. Antony and Cleopatra. Directed by Charlene V. Smith. Photo by Claire Kimball.

Thank you so much to all our patrons and donors in 2016. We’re proud to look back on all our…

photo by Claire Kimball

On Monday, December 5th, Brave Spirits held our Third Annual Fundraising Fête. The evening included mingling, food and drink, a…