In this series of posts, we’ll be bringing you glimpses into the devising process for The Trojan Women Project. The thirteen performers involved often wrote poems, songs, dialogues, and movement pieces on the theme and ideas being explored in the rehearsal room. Sometimes they were created in the spur of the moment and other times director Rachel Hynes gave them prompts to go away and work on and then return with material. This piece was written by Diana Gonzalez Ramirez who played Maya to explore the idea of “women’s language.”

The Language of Women
by Diana Gonzalez Ramirez

When a woman is born she arrives with a silver thread in her chest. The thread forged of moonlight, is somehow connected to all others of her kind, creating an endless network. This is the way through which she communicates, invisible to the outside world but nevertheless there. It is through this network that a kinship between all is formed, otherwise known as intuition. Sometimes we will feel the slight quiver of these threads. Be it the gentle rocking caused by a woman’s laughter or the quiet teardrops, alerting us to the innermost workings of the female psyche. The use of language becomes archaic; ours is a gentle, silent form of communication. It is from this from gift of empathy that we draw our collective strength. That is the language of women.