The Washington Post

  • “Brimming with sensationalistic material — with plotlines that touch not only on incest, but also conspiracies, betrayals, disguises, political corruption and shocking violence — the plays are striking and suspenseful.”

DC Theatre Scene

  • “Under the detailed and sensitive direction of BST artistic director Charlene V. Smith, ‘Tis Pity gallops along at a brisk pace while never losing the crisp and expansive language that lays bare the tortured souls of Ford’s imagined Italian city of Parma.”

Theatre Bloom

  • “Tis Pity is a highlight of Jacobean theater, and right up Brave Spirits’ alley. It’s well-paced, solidly performed, and a feast for the eyes — and adrenal glands.”

MD Theatre Guide

  • “Though not for the faint of heart, this production excels in underlining the perverse enjoyment to be had from the revenge tragedy genre; these plays are at their most delightful when characters conspire and connive. With its extraordinary cast, “Tis Pity She’s a Whore” will give audiences a wicked good time.”

BWW on ‘Tis Pity

  • “‘TIS A PITY SHE’S A WHORE is definitely a story with some shock value. The end definitely takes you by surprise, but as previously mentioned it is just a great opportunity for some involved theater.”

BWW on A King and No King

  • “The proceedings are peppered with amusing Shakespearean scenes testing out faulty logic and exploring paradoxes. Actors spout Jacobean era verses as freshly as if they were 140-character tweets.”