The Washington Post

  • “A ferocious feminist tip of the spear” for the Women’s Voices Theater Festival. … its stylistic focus and controlled anger give it a very live edge.”

DC Theatre Scene : 4 stars

  • “An engaging exploration that fully utilizes the devised theatre model – a collage of sights and sounds, movement and words that illuminate the experience and psyche of women from the classical era to now. … a convergence of brutality and beauty, primal and prime.”

Theater Bloom : 5 Stars

  • “Addresses a multitude of attitudes, occurrences, actions, incidences, and behaviors in this devised work, all of which are topical, relevant, and extremely poignant. … packs plenty of powerful punches. … Gripping, unforgettable, revolutionary, and moving— all of the adjectives being bandied about for the Women’s Voices Theater Festival— this production … should be seen by everyone.”

DC Metro Theater Arts

  • “Brave Spirits Theatre adds its distinctive style to the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival with The Trojan Women Project. It is a singular event. The Trojan Women Project is packed with moments of dramatic sizzle from verbal and physical pokes and prods, along with striking flashes of sinewy poetry; surrounded by grounded, bracingly delivered monologues exploring knotty cultural and political issues of the here and now.”